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How to use chatGPT effectively as a student?

Topics covered: Does AI inhibit learning or does it actually help accelerate active learning? Come join us to learn a few tips and chatGPT prompts that will make learning more fun and engaging. Applicable for Students: Students in grades 7 to 10.


IGCSE Trigonometry : Concept Module

Online Class

Trigonometry Concept module that covers the following: Intro to Trigonometry Applications Bearings Sine, Cosine Rule 3D Trigonometry Graphs of Trigonometric Functions Applicable for Students: Grade 9 and Grade 10 Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

COGITALKS: DRONES – Technology, Careers and Future

Topics covered: Drones are already breaking barriers in the way companies do business. Understand how the drone technology is changing industries, the career paths that exist and the future of Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV). Joining us on COGITALKS will be Captain Gaurav Nath, CEO ClearSkies Aviation OPC Pvt Ltd.  Applicable for Students: Any student who […]