Think, Inquire, 

Learn and Transform

Helping learners succeed from Grades 7 to 12. Cogitare offers online Math and Science coaching classes.

Our Programs

Online / Blended Learning

Our online courses will help students pick a subject/topic of their choice and attend the classes from the comfort of their home. As part of our online offering, we have year-long academic batches, and also an option to pick from a varied set of concept modules. This includes the CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE curricula.

To ensure timely feedback and interaction with our teachers, we also offer a blend of daily online and periodic face-to-face sessions at our learning center.

Grade-wise Concept Modules

This option is for students who need help with specific chapters/concepts. These modules will have well-defined goals and prerequisites, so students can pick and choose online from a varied set of topics relevant for their grade or specific learning needs. 

In-person Academic Classes

Our in-person classes at the Cogitare center will help the students excel in their academic subjects. The focus is on building sound concepts in Math, Science, and Computer Science across CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE curricula. Students are engaged over the complete academic year with periodic assignments and tests online. Personalized learning in math teaching helps to transform the way students approach, understand, and enjoy the concept.

Computational Thinking and Coding

This course is a precursor to learning programming languages. This well-structured module will help students in problem-solving, recognizing patterns, building abstractions, and designing systems. 

The online course also includes learning programming language constructs across various languages.

Our Philosophy

Every child learns differently and educators should provide opportunities to learn in multiple ways. Competency based learning and assessment aided by technology will help the learner achieve their objectives with ease. Achieving small learning goals on a daily basis is central to academic excellence.

Our Progress

We are still young, but growing. What started off as an experiment with two children has now grown into teaching over 300 students. In our teaching journey, we have understood the nuances and the process of learning, and have identified what methodologies will suit students. Our goal is to develop and perfect a competency based learning process that can be adopted by educational institutions.

Our Ecosystem

We encourage stress free learning. Students learn through experiments and activities and are encouraged to ask questions. Engaging presentations, videos, activities and workshops are used to deliver content.

Cogitare Process

Learn a concept through Enquiry & Discussion

As a part of our in-person and online classes.

Apply it to a sample Scenario

Discuss the real-life applications and significance of a concept learnt.

Take an assessment

Gauge and identify strengths and “chinks in the armour”.

Connect the dots with other concepts

Encourage learners to interlink new concepts with the ones they        already know, identify patterns, and appreciate how these concepts form a part of a larger system.

Recall and Repeat

Incrementally use a mastered concept while introducing new ones. Regularly engage with students through revision classes and keep-in-touch worksheets.


Math! Perhaps the one word that scared me more than anything else in the whole world. But after spending just a year with Anand Sir, all my worries were put to rest. He’s an extremely patient teacher who makes sure every student grasps the concept before moving on to the next one. There’s never a dull moment in class as his wit is on par with his terrific teaching skills unique to him. He is able to recognise each one's capability and will push you till you achieve it. From students who just need a brushing up of concepts, to those students who need some hand-holding, Sir's classes will help you get through the year with ease.


Preethika Sabu, Student.
(attended Grade 12)

Anand and Sunitha teach with a passion and flair that is amazing to watch. When we moved back to India after a few years staying abroad, my daughter found it tough to adjust to the rigid teaching methods in schools here. Sunitha and Anand worked diligently with my daughter giving her the confidence and knowledge to deal with the IGCSE syllabus. We highly recommend Cogitare as the best support you can give your children.


Vinutha Naidu, Parent.
(for Grade 10)

Cogitare is probably one of the only places I've truly enjoyed learning. Maybe it’s because my brain was stretched to its limits in order to figure out a physics sum. Maybe it was because I actually understood the application of what I was learning in real life, or maybe it was the life teachings and humour helping us grow into the people we’ve become. I’ve never witnessed anyone so dedicated and kind as Anand Sir. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done.


Rohini, Student
(attended Grade 11 and 12)